Ultimate Relaxation with Massage at Sky Spa Sauna!

Various spa treatments including deep tissue massages, exclusive exfoliating scrubs and MRT (muscle release therapy) are available to improve health, beauty, and well-being of our guests.

Sky Spa Sauna - Treatments - Massage


Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage options are available.

Massage Pricing
30 min.
60 min.
90 min.

Sea Salt Scrub

Salt scrub cleanses the pores, renews the skin, relaxes muscles, and promotes overall relaxation.

Sea Salt Scrub Pricing
40 min.

Platza Russian Banya Steaming Treatment

Platza is an ancient sauna treatment that is a part of a Russian banya tradition. It is experienced in the sauna by scrubbing and steaming the entire body with a whisk of natural leaves.

The many benefits of Platza include improved lung health, released muscle soreness, detox, and overall relaxation.

Body Wash Pricing
Turkish Body Wash

Gift Certificates are available upon request and can be used to cover admission fees, dining and any services offered at Sky Spa Sauna.