Sky Spa Sauna - Spa - Dry Sauna

Dry Sauna

Experience the benefits of our custom-built dry sauna that radiates heat of over 210F with humidity of approximately 35%. The sauna is heated by a gas heater and contains 8 tons of river rock.

Sky Spa Sauna - Spa - Wet Sauna

Wet Sauna

The wet sauna is also custom built. It radiates heat of over 190 Fahrenheit with humidity of approximately 70%. It is heated by a separate gas heater also containing 8 tons of river rock. Coldwater buckets are offered to the bathers to splash over the body for instant relief from the heat.

Sky Spa Sauna - Spa - Hammam

Steam Room / Hammam

The steam room / Hammam is a custom-designed aroma infused steam room that creates an invigorating spa treatment and promotes an immediate physical and emotional detox.

Sky Spa Sauna - Spa - Plunge Pool

Indoor Pool

The pool is designed for a relaxing swim to cool down after visiting the saunas. You can reap all the benefits of changing temperatures, soothe your skin, relax the body, and lounge poolside with a drink.

Sky Spa Sauna - Gallery - Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Resort Style Pool

Experience a resort-style outdoor pool, and relax with a drink on the pool deck! Our pool is heated to 84F and open year round. Imagine swimming in a warm outdoor pool in the middle of the winter, or splashing in the sun for summer fun.

Sky Spa Sauna - Spa - Himalayan Salt Cave Sauna

Himalayan Salt Cave/ Sauna

Himalayan salt cave spa is a popular wellness treatment due to its numerous health benefits and a unique relaxation effect.  The pure pink salt, sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, offers many health benefits including detoxification, energizing and healing.

Sky Spa Sauna offers two Himalayan salt caves for your enjoyment. One of the salt caves is located in a private suite available for individual use.